So, how can Shawn help YOU?

When someone thinks about therapy, they most likely conjure an image of a long, leather couch with a person in a suit with a pad and his back to you saying things like "Uh huh," or someone making some obscure connection between what's going on now and events that happened to you as an infant.

While some of that may have a grain of truth, it's not all that therapy is.

Therapy is also about sitting in an open, inviting, and safe space, while someone listens to your concerns with a caring heart, hearing the story that's being told like a song that's being sung. It might be slightly off key, or certain aspects too loud or to soft, however this is where the therapy comes in. It's this process that helps you to fine tune it into your own masterpiece.

This is done through the use of capitalizing on your individual strengths, teaching you valuable life skills and offering you other tools to assist you through a collaborative journey towards healing. This journey is between you and the therapist, both the expert in your own ways. After all, a therapist may have the instruments for which to perform the masterpiece, however it is you that has the song inside!

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