W. Shawn Welty, MA, LPC, LCADC

While Synergy Counseling Services, LLC was officially formed in June of 2019, it's inception and development spans decades in the depths of Shawn's mind. Shawn has a varied set of experiences since the early 2000's in several settings, including school counseling, agency counseling and inner city substance abuse counseling. It was these experiences that honed his skillset and compelled him into the formation of this private practice.

Shawn has seen the effects of bullying, substance abuse, and trauma. He's seen the long term effects of what being ostracized as a child has done to an individual, and how it affects one's relationship patterns all the way through to adult life.

A whole-hearted sense of commitment and devotion to healing your whole being is the driving force behind your success. As you begin therapy together, Shawn will work alongside you, utilizing proven methods to look at what works for you currently and help you break the difficult thought patterns and behaviors that hold you back from living your most authentic life. Together, you will take the pieces that don't work and examine them, turn them over, and replace them with something that propels you forward towards what you truly wish to be.

Shawn's approach pulls from many varied counseling techniques. Above all, He believes that teaching you the skills from these various models that you need to go forward is far more valuable to you than offering you just one theoretical perspective.

NJ Licensed Professional Counselor #37PC00544300NJ LCADC #37LC00249300