The and... Podcast

Curious, but not really sure you want to start therapy?  That's OK - I've got you covered there too!

Have you ever stopped and thought about the word “and”?  It’s a rather small word, with such a large and important purpose in our communications.  “And” adds to joins things... concepts....people.  

That’s the theme of this The and... Podcast.  

Let me give you an example: I’m your host, and while that is my role here, I’m also a therapist, a member of a large family, a self-professed geek, AND a music lover.  See what happened there?  If you just limited me to one role or descriptor (host, son, geek, music lover, OR therapist), you'd miss the depth of experiences that myself as a person provides.  The same can be said for different aspects of life.

Together on the podcast, we will explore how topics synergize with others, how they merge together and complement each other, rather than look at it from a typical “either/or” or "but" format.  Each episode will focus on how human behavior and psychology are  involved with these different topics.  We will hear from various everyday experts - and maybe even some more known people as well - and hear their takes on topics that they are passionate about.  

While it's not intended to be a replacement for therapy, The and... Podcast has interviews with everyday experts who may offer you some wisdom to help you start on your journey.  

You can listen on several platforms, such as: 

Want to contribute to a topic?  contact me with your ideas and be the next everyday expert to be a member!